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Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung Weber

Range of Services - Financial and Payroll Accounting

In the accounting field we offer an integrated range of services covering all accounting transactions in the context of financial accounting, payroll accounting and asset accounting.

1. Financial accounting

Our range of services covers:

  • Accounting, consisting of allocation, entry, monthly evaluations (microeconomic appraisal, totals and balance list, assets)
Ledgerless accounting is also possible.

In this case you send us your receipts digitally via a secure data line by fax or e-mail. Digital ledgerless accounting saves you having to run cash books and incoming / outgoing invoices records on paper, since these are compiled by you online and transferred to us via the secure data line. In this way, accounting can take place in a highly timely manner (weekly or by the day).

2. Payroll accounting

The administrative tasks that employers have to perform are highly extensive and subject to constant change. We support you in monthly payroll and salary accounting and inform you of legal innovations in good time.

In addition to conventional payroll and salary accounting, we are also performing accounting according to collective wage agreements of the German public sector.
Furthermore, we take the burden off you with the following range of services:

  • All registrations and certifications required in the salary field, e.g. for health insurance providers, fiscal authorities and professional associations
  • Resolution of disputes and other communication with statutory social insurance agencies

3. Asset accounting

We compile asset accounts for you to determine balance sheet values for trade law and tax purposes (ordinary and extraordinary depreciations).

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